Why did Dinosaurs Become Extinct

How and Why did Dinosaurs Become Extinct?

How and why did dinosaurs become extinct? Around 66 million years ago, something happened that caused 75% of all living species – including the dinosaurs – to become extinct. The reign of the dinosaurs – which had lasted for over 160 million years – came to a sudden, and possibly violent end.

In this article we seek to find out what happened all those years ago. How did a group of animals as successful as the dinosaurs perish so suddenly? Why did the dinosaurs become extinct, yet the mammals and other animals survive?

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Archaeopteryx Facts for kids

Archaeopteryx Facts, Pictures & Information

Archaeopteryx is famous for being the ‘first bird’. In fact, another name for Archaeopteryx is ‘Urvogel’, which is German for ‘first bird’. However, despite having feathers and wings, this late Cretaceous animal still retains very un-birdlike characteristics, such as teeth and a bony tail. It is a true ‘transitional’ animal. This article contains Archaeopteryx facts and information, and is part of our Dinosaur Facts series. Continue reading

How Long Were Dinosaurs On Earth

How Long Were Dinosaurs On Earth? Dinosaur History & The Mesozoic Era

How long were dinosaurs on earth? On this page we’ll find out how long the ‘age of the dinosaurs’ lasted. We’ll find out when the first dinosaurs appeared, and when dinosaurs went extinct.

We’ll also take a look at the geological time periods in which dinosaurs inhabited Earth. These are periods of time based on layers of rock. They include the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods.

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