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Free Printable Worksheets

Free Printable Worksheets

Our free printable worksheets have been designed for teachers and parents wishing to use the information on this site as part of a lesson or home activity.

They offer a fun way of teaching young people not only about wildlife and animals, but also about using the internet to research facts and information.

All questions are multiple choice, and are based on information that can easily be found on the corresponding Active Wild page or section.

There’s no log-in or sign-up required: simply click on the worksheet you want to download!

Worksheets currently available:

  • Rainforest Animals
  • Arctic Animals
  • Antarctic Animals
  • African Animals
  • Australian Animals
  • NEW! Online Zoo: Birds
  • NEW! Online Zoo: Mammals (Carnivora)
  • NEW! Online Zoo: Mammals (Marsupials & Monotremes)
  • NEW! Online Zoo: Reptiles

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