Black Footed Ferret Facts

Black Footed Ferret Facts: Discover An Endangered American Mammal. Pictures, Information & Video

Black footed ferret facts, pictures and information. On this page, we’ll be taking a look at the black footed ferret, an endangered US mammal that has previously been declared extinct in the wild.

Be sure to watch the amazing video of a black footed ferret and its favorite prey, a prairie dog. What happens is not quite what you might expect!
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Black rhino facts

Black Rhino Facts: Discover The Critically Endangered African Rhinoceros. Pictures, Information & Video

Black rhino facts for kids, students and adults. Find out about this critically endangered African rhinoceros, including its habitat, diet, related animals and why it is threatened.

Be sure to watch the incredible video of a black rhino chasing a pack of African wild dogs away from a water hole! Continue reading