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american bullfrog facts

American Bullfrog Facts For Kids & Adults: Discover North America’s Largest Frog Species

American bullfrog facts for kids, students and adults. The American bullfrog is a large frog found throughout North America. It is also present in many other parts of the world, having been transported by humans as a source of food and as a means of controlling agricultural pests.

In fact, the American bullfrog is considered an invasive species in many areas because its presence can be harmful to local wildlife.

The American bullfrog plays an important part in its native aquatic ecosystems. Let’s find out more about this awesome amphibian carnivore … Continue reading

Caecilian Facts For Kids & Adults, With Pictures, Information & Video: Discover The Third Amphibian Group

Caecilian facts for kids and adults, with pictures, information and video. Everyone knows what frogs and toads look like, and most people could identify a salamander, but did you know that there’s a third type of amphibian?

Dermophis mexicanus

On this page we’ll meet the caecilians: a mysterious group of worm-like amphibians. Continue reading

wild yak facts

Wild Yak Facts For Kids & Adults. Discover An Amazing Tundra Animal!

Wild yak facts for kids and adults, with pictures and video. The wild yak is a bovid – a member of the cattle family, Bovidae. It lives on the Tibetan Plateau, a region sometimes called the ‘roof of the world’, due to its being over 3 miles (4.8 km) above sea level.

This tundra animal is a cold weather, high-altitude specialist, and has a number of adaptations for living in this hostile environment. Let’s find out more about this amazing survival expert… Continue reading

thorny devil facts

Thorny Devil Facts, Pictures, Information & Video For Kids And Adults

Thorny devil facts, pictures and information for kids and adults. Despite its fearsome appearance, Australia’s thorny devil is slow-moving and unaggressive – unless you’re an ant! This spiny-skinned desert lizard has a number of awesome adaptations for evading predators and living in dry habitats … Continue reading

Tapanuli Orangutan Facts, Pictures & Information For Kids, Students & Adults

Tapanuli Orangutan, Batang Toru Forest Complex, North Tapanuli District, North Sumatra, Indonesia. Photo by Tim Laman. Published under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

Tapanuli orangutan facts, pictures and information. Find out about the newly-discovered member of the great ape family … Continue reading

aye aye facts

Aye-Aye Facts, Pictures, Video & Information: Discover A Weird Rainforest Animal!

Aye-aye facts, pictures, video and information. The aye-aye just might be one of the weirdest animals you’ve ever seen! It prowls the rainforests of Madagascar under cover of darkness. As it moves through the trees it taps on tree trunks with its elongated, bone-like middle finger. By listening to the sound produced by the tapping, it can tell if there’s a grub (its favorite food) present under the bark!

Let’s discover more about this strange nocturnal primate … Continue reading