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Endangered Animals Facts For Kids

Endangered Animals Facts For Kids

This page contains endangered animals facts for kids – and anyone else interested in finding out about the world’s threatened species.

Here you’ll find all kinds of information on endangered animals, including: who decides if a species is endangered; the different categories for endangered species; and why animals become endangered.

We’ll begin with some interesting endangered animals information. We’ll then discover more about threatened animals with a list of endangered animals facts for kids.

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mountain gorilla facts

Mountain Gorilla Facts, Pictures & Information

Mountain gorilla facts, pictures, video and in-depth information. The mountain gorilla is a subspecies of eastern gorilla, a critically endangered African primate. On this page we’re going to discover where it lives, its preferred habitat, what it eats, how it communicates and much more. We’re also going to find out how we can help this endangered animal.

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