A Cold Spell In Southern England

Brrr, it's cold at Tin Farm.

We haven't had much snow, but the temperature has been near freezing for a few days.

And if it's uncomfortable for us in a centrally-heated house, just imagine what the wildlife is going through.

We've been keeping the bird table well stocked with bread, and the bird feeders with peanuts and seeds.

Just as importantly, we've been breaking the ice on the birdbath. This enables the birds to clean and preen, and to drink.

And we've been treated with some great sights.

Four blue tits enjoying a communal bath is a spectacle to lift anyone's spirits.

Flocks of blue, great, coal and long-tailed tits raiding our garden before moving on to the next.

Wood pigeons throwing bits of bread around.

Dunnocks and blackbirds chasing after the scraps.

Chaffinches, greenfinches and goldfinches making embarrassed visits to the bird bath.

And some special guests...

A pair of bullfinches sheltering in a bush, and a busy little goldcrest (Britain's joint smallest bird) buzzing around near the kitchen window.

All you need to do is put some food out, and remove the ice from the birdbath.

It will provide a great source of entertainment… and might just save a rare bird's life.