New Titanosaur Dinosaur Species Discovered In Argentina


A new species of dinosaur, Chucarosaurus diripienda, has been discovered in Argentina.

A giant, even among dinosaurs, the new species belonged to a group known as Titanosaurs, which includes some of the largest dinosaurs ever to have lived.

The fossilized bones of Chucarosaurus diripienda were so big that the van carrying them tipped over while on its way to the laboratory!

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New Research Finds Neanderthals Hunted Prehistoric Straight-Tusked Elephants

African bush elephant and calf

The straight-tusked elephant was one of the largest land mammals that ever lived. The extinct species, which was significantly bigger than today’s African bush elephant (pictured above), lived alongside Neanderthals in prehistoric Germany, around 125,000 years ago.

A recent analysis of fossilized straight-tusked elephant bones reveals the relationship between the prehistoric species and its early human hunters.

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New Pterosaur Species With 480 Teeth Discovered In Germany

Balaenognathus maeuseri New Pterosaur Species

The remains of a new pterosaur species have been discovered in Bavaria, Germany.  The prehistoric flying reptile, which has been given the name Balaenognathus maeuseri, lived during the Jurassic Period. Its distinctive, spatula-shaped bill contained at least 480 needle-like teeth, which were likely used to filter particles of food from water.

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