Foxes: Fox Facts, Different Types Of Foxes With Pictures

Types Of Foxes

Foxes are small to mid-sized members of the dog family known for their bushy tails, omnivorous diet and usually nocturnal lifestyle. These fascinating animals are found on all continents except Antarctica (although they are not native to Australia), and in habitats ranging from the Arctic to the Sahara Desert.

This page contains interesting fox facts, and a list of different types of foxes, with pictures. Let's find out more about these adaptable, intelligent canids...

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Cicada Invasion! Millions Of Insects Predicted To Emerge In 2024

Periodical Cicada On Leaf

Periodical cicadas are a group of insects known for their mass emergences every 13 or 17 years, in which millions of the insects simultaneously emerge from the ground to breed.

2024 is one of the rare years in which a population, or “brood” of cicadas with a 13-year life cycle will emerge at the same time as a neighboring brood with the more common 17-year life cycle.

This will mean that parts of central Illinois and eastern Iowa, where the two broods overlap, will be inundated with vast numbers of the distinctive insects over a brief period this spring / early summer.

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What Is A Solar Eclipse? Complete Guide With Amazing Eclipse Facts

Solar Eclipse Facts Title Image

What is a solar eclipse? On this page, you’ll discover what causes a solar eclipse, how often solar eclipses occur, and the different types of solar eclipse.

You’ll also find out about umbras, coronas, Bailey’s beads, the difference between partial and total eclipses, paths of totality, annular eclipses, and more.

Get the complete lowdown on solar eclipses in preparation for the total eclipse that will be seen in many parts of North America on Monday, April 8, 2024!

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Animals That Start With R: List With Pictures & Interesting Facts

Animals That Start With R

Animals that start with R include mammals such as the raccoon, rats and reindeer; birds such as the raven and rheas; reptiles such as the radiated tortoise and rattlesnakes; and invertebrates such as the redback spider and rotifers.

On this page is a list containing these and many other interesting animals beginning with R, together with pictures and facts on each species.

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