Donkey Facts, Pictures & Information, Complete Species Guide

Donkeys In Arid Landscape

Often overshadowed by their equine cousins the horse and zebra, donkeys have nevertheless played a pivotal role in shaping human history, culture, and agriculture.

On this page, we delve into the fascinating world of donkeys, exploring their origin, domestication, and the unique traits that make them indispensable to communities worldwide.

Read on for our top ten donkey facts, followed by in-depth information on this unsung hero of the animal kingdom…

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Pig-Nosed Turtle / Fly River Turtle Facts, Pictures, Species Guide

Pig Nosed Turtle

Dwelling in the freshwater river systems of Northern Australia and southern New Guinea is a unique reptile. With its long snout and webbed flippers, the pig-nosed turtle Carettochelys insculpta–also known as the Fly River turtle–is one of the world’s most distinctive turtles. Sadly, this odd-looking animal is now endangered, mainly due to over-hunting.

Read on to find out more about this distinctive Australian reptile…

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Florida Softshell Turtle Facts, Pictures, Complete Species Guide

Florida Softshell Turtle

The Florida softshell turtle, Apalone ferox, is a distinctive turtle found in Florida and neighboring states. Like other members of the softshell turtle family, Trionychidae, the Florida softshell turtle has a leathery shell, rather than the hard shell found on most other turtle species.

On this page, you’ll find Florida softshell facts and pictures to help you identify and understand the life of this fascinating North American reptile.

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Crested Caracara Facts, Pictures, Complete Species Guide

Crested Caracara On Ground

The crested caracara is one of the world’s most unusual birds of prey. A member of the falcon family, it is distinguished by its striking appearance and ground-based hunting habits.

Native to the open landscapes of the Americas, from the southernmost United States down to South America, this raptor stands out with its striking black and white body, fiery orange face and long legs.

The versatile crested caracara is both a formidable hunter and a scavenger, often seen striding confidently on the ground or soaring majestically in search of its next meal…

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