Crested Caracara Facts, Pictures, Complete Species Guide

Crested Caracara On Ground

The crested caracara is one of the world’s most unusual birds of prey. A member of the falcon family, it is distinguished by its striking appearance and ground-based hunting habits.

Native to the open landscapes of the Americas, from the southernmost United States down to South America, this raptor stands out with its striking black and white body, fiery orange face and long legs.

The versatile crested caracara is both a formidable hunter and a scavenger, often seen striding confidently on the ground or soaring majestically in search of its next meal…

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Barn Owls Facts: Get The Lowdown On This Silent Nocturnal Hunter!

barn owl facts


The barn owl is a distinctive pale brown and white bird that can often be seen hunting over farmland either at dawn or at dusk. Its ghostly, silent flight and evil-sounding shriek have given the species a number of alternative names, including ‘death owl’, ‘demon owl’, ‘ghost owl’ and ‘screech owl’.

This wide-ranging bird is found on every continent except Antarctica (although some biologists separate the barn owl into different species depending on where they are found).

Read on to get the lowdown on this silent-but-deadly nocturnal hunter…

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