Coelacanth Facts, Pictures & Information: Discover An Amazing Prehistoric Fish (That’s Still Alive Today!)

coelacanth facts

Coelacanth facts, pictures and in-depth information.

Coelacanths are sometimes known as ‘living fossils’; animals that have changed little over millions of years. These ancient fish are more closely related to four-limbed vertebrates (including humans) than they are to many fishes.

For many years coelacanths were only known from fossils – it was thought that they had become extinct around 70 million years ago.

Incredibly, a living coelacanth was caught off the coast of South Africa in 1938 – in effect, bringing the coelacanths ‘back from the dead’. Since then, numerous other coelacanths have been caught and today two living species are recognized. One of these – the West Indian coelacanth – is rated ‘Critically Endangered’; it is thought that fewer than 500 survive.

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Basking Shark

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giant oceanic manta ray facts

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