Foxes: Fox Facts, Different Types Of Foxes With Pictures

Types Of Foxes

Foxes are small to mid-sized members of the dog family known for their bushy tails, omnivorous diet and usually nocturnal lifestyle. These fascinating animals are found on all continents except Antarctica (although they are not native to Australia), and in habitats ranging from the Arctic to the Sahara Desert.

This page contains interesting fox facts, and a list of different types of foxes, with pictures. Let's find out more about these adaptable, intelligent canids...

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Animals That Start With R: List With Pictures & Interesting Facts

Animals That Start With R

Animals that start with R include mammals such as the raccoon, rats and reindeer; birds such as the raven and rheas; reptiles such as the radiated tortoise and rattlesnakes; and invertebrates such as the redback spider and rotifers.

On this page is a list containing these and many other interesting animals beginning with R, together with pictures and facts on each species.

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Types Of Wild Cats: All Cats In The Cat Family

Types Of Wild Cats

List of all types of wild cats, with pictures and facts on every species in the cat family Felidae.

Types of wild cats include big cat species belonging to the subfamily Pantherinae, including the lion, tiger, jaguar, leopard and snow leopard; and members of the subfamily Felinae, including the cheetah, cougar, lynx, bobcat, ocelot, margay, caracal, serval, fishing cat and Pallas's cat.

On this page are pictures and facts on all 41 currently recognized cat species, which includes 40 wild cat species and the domestic cat, Felis catus.

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The Fastest Land Animals In The World: List, Pictures & Facts

Fastest Land Animals

The fastest land animals in the world are the cheetah, the pronghorn, and various antelope species, including Thompson’s gazelle, goitered gazelle and springbok. Other fast animals include hares, kangaroos, horses, bison and the giraffe, zebra and African wild dog. Domestic animals such as the quarter horse and greyhound have been selectively for speed.

On this page you'll meet these and many other fast land animals...

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Arboreal Animals Pictures & Facts: Animals That Live In Trees

Arboreal Animals

Arboreal animals are animals that spend most of their lives in trees. Examples of arboreal animals include amphibians such as tree frogs and flying frogs; birds such as toucans and woodpeckers; insects such as tree hoppers and weaver ants, mammals such as monkeys, gibbons, lemurs, squirrels and sloths; and reptiles such as chameleons and geckos.

On this page is a list of arboreal animals from around the world, with information on the various adaptations found in animals that live in trees, and the advantages of an arboreal lifestyle

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Halloween Animals List: Scary Animals Pictures & Facts With FREE Printable Quiz

scary animals list

A list of scary animals for Halloween.

To celebrate Halloween we’ve made a list of some of the world’s scariest animals. Continue reading… if you dare!

Free Printable Halloween Animals Quiz To Download

Halloween Animal Quiz
FREE Halloween Animals Quiz: Click Image To Download

Test your knowledge of dangerous, creepy and scary animals with this FREE quiz!

Click here or on the image above to download your copy. All of the answers can be found on this page!

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