List Of Dinosaurs: Dinosaur Names With Pictures & Interesting Information

List Of Dinosaurs

Welcome to the Active Wild list of dinosaurs. This page contains a list of dinosaurs names with pictures and information. Here you can learn about the many different kinds of dinosaur that existed in the Mesozoic Era.

Designed to be an "online dinosaur museum", it's a great place to start if you want to find out more about a particular dinosaur.

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Types Of Dolphins: List Of All Dolphin Species, Pictures & Facts

Types Of Dolphins

A complete list of dolphin species with pictures and interesting facts. Discover the many different types of dolphins that are alive today.

Dolphins are marine mammals belonging to the infraorder Cetacea, which is also home to whales and porpoises. Known for their high intelligence and acrobatic displays, dolphins are among the most familiar and best-loved members of the animal kingdom.

On this page is a list of all living dolphin species, with pictures and interesting facts on each. The list contains every species in the oceanic dolphin family Delphinidae, and all of the river dolphins, which are found in freshwater habitats.

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Animals That Live In A Lake: Lake Animals Pictures & Facts

Animals That Live In A Lake

Animals that live in lakes include fish such as lake trout, walleye and northern pike; mammals such as beavers, mink and otters; birds such as ducks, herons and kingfishers; and invertebrates such as clams, mussels, water snails, crayfish and dragonflies.

On this page is a list of lake animals that includes these and other species from around the world.

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