Animals That Start With V: New Pictures & Facts 2022

Animals that start with V

Animals that start with V include mammals such as vampire bat, vervet monkey, Virginia opossum, volcano rabbit and Visayan warty pig; birds such as vultures, vireos and the velvet asity; insects such as the viceroy butterfly, and fish such as the viperfish.

On this page you’ll meet these and many other interesting animals beginning with v, together with pictures and facts on each animal.

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Melanistic Animals Pictures & Facts, What Is Melanism In Animals?

Melanistic Animals

Melanistic animals are animals with an increased amount of the dark pigment melanin in their skin, hair and feathers, etc., giving them a dark appearance. Melanism is a genetic mutation that occurs in many different types of animals, including mammals, reptiles and insects. Among the best-known melanistic animals are the black leopards and jaguars known as panthers.

Melanistic jaguar. Melanistic jaguars and leopards are both known as panthers.

Other melanistic animals include squirrels, deer, pheasants, the silver fox (a melanistic red fox), several cat species, even penguins (a melanistic king penguin was filmed during the making of the BBC series “Dynasties”) and flamingos (a black flamingo was spotted in Cyprus in 2015).

On this page we explore melanism and other genetic conditions that affect the appearance of animals, and provide pictures and facts on a variety of melanistic animals.

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Asian Animals List With Pictures And Amazing Facts

Asian Animals

Asian animals include mammals such as the giant panda, tiger, Asiatic lion, snow leopard, orangutan and proboscis monkey; reptiles such as the saltwater crocodile, Indian cobra and Komodo dragon, and birds such as the great hornbill, painted stork and peacock.

On this page is a list of famous (and not-so-famous) Asian animals, with pictures and interesting facts on each species.

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Types Of Penguins With Pictures And Facts: Every Penguin Species Listed

Penguin Species List

Information, pictures and facts on every living penguin species.

Types of Penguins

Well-known types of penguin include the emperor penguin (the world’s largest penguin) and its close cousin the king penguin; the macaroni penguin (the world’s most common penguin); the chinstrap penguin (the most common penguin species in Antarctica); the little penguin (the smallest penguin); the African penguin (a species found on the coasts of Southern Africa); and the Galápagos penguin, which is found further north than any other type of penguin.

On this page is a list of all living penguin species, with pictures and facts on each. Test your penguin knowledge with a FREE printable penguin worksheet!

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Types Of Sharks: Shark Species List With Pictures & Facts

Shark Great White

Types Of Sharks

There are 537 shark species, divided between 8 orders. Famous types of sharks include requiem sharks such as the tiger shark and blue shark; mackerel sharks such as the great white shark and shortfin mako shark; carpet sharks such as the whale shark; ground sharks such as the great hammerhead, and smaller groups such as angel sharks, catsharks and dogfish.

Types Of Sharks
A small selection of the sharks included in the list below.

You can use the index below to find pictures and information on famous shark species from all around the world.

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