Types Of Penguins With Pictures And Facts: Every Penguin Species Listed

Penguin Species List

Information, pictures and facts on every living penguin species.

Types of Penguins

Well-known types of penguin include the emperor penguin (the world's largest penguin) and its close cousin the king penguin; the macaroni penguin (the world's most common penguin); the chinstrap penguin (the most common penguin species in Antarctica); the little penguin (the smallest penguin); the African penguin (a species found on the coasts of Southern Africa); and the Galápagos penguin, which is found further north than any other type of penguin.

On this page is a list of all living penguin species, with pictures and facts on each. Test your penguin knowledge with a FREE printable penguin worksheet!

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Different Types Of Birds: List With Pictures & Interesting Facts

types of birds

A complete guide to the different types of birds, with pictures and facts.

This page is for everyone interested in knowing a bit more about birds – from budding ornithologists, to those who just want to discover more about bird life from all around the world.

Scroll down for an alphabetical list of many different types of birds from all around the world. You can click on any of the photos in the index section to find out more about a particular type of bird.

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List of Common British Birds With Pictures & Facts: 25 Species That You Need To Know! For Children & Adults.

common british birds

On this page you’ll find a list of 25 common British birds with pictures and facts on each species. We've included not only garden birds, but also species found in woodlands, cities and coastal regions, giving you a useful introduction to British bird species.

We think that everyone in Britain should be able to identify most – if not all – of the birds on this list!

As you read through the list make a note of how many of these common British birds you can identify. Let us know how you did in the comments at the bottom of the page!

Many of these birds can also be found in other parts of the world. If you don't live in Britain, comment to let us know where you're from and which of these species can also be found in your country!

Want to see more British Birds?

  • Once you know all of the birds on this list, you'll find 25 slightly less-common British species on this page: Birds of Britain
  • Need help identifying British birds? Check out these awesome bird books: Best British Bird Books

When you know all of the birds on both lists you can consider yourself to be a true British bird expert!

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  • Multiple photos of each species
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