Yosemite Toad Facts, Pictures & Information: Discover An Endangered North American Amphibian

Yosemite toad facts, pictures and information.

yosemite toad facts
Photo by Rob Grasso, National Park Service [CC BY 2.0]
The Yosemite toad is an endangered amphibian found only in California, USA. The species lives in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, and has a number of adaptations for living at high altitudes.

Since the 1970’s the Yosemite toad population has undergone a sharp decline. The species was given endangered status by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) in 1996.

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Mexican Burrowing Toad Facts, Pictures, Video & In-depth Information: Discover A Unique Central American Amphibian

Mexican burrowing toad facts, pictures & in-depth information. Although fairly common in its range, the Mexican burrowing toad is heard more often than it is seen ... groups of calling Mexican burrowing toads can be heard over half a mile (1 km) away!

Mexican Burrowing Toad
Photo: Greg Schechter, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This distinctive Central American amphibian has a number of adaptations both for burrowing and for eating its preferred prey of ants and termites. It is the only frog in the world that can extend its tongue straight forward rather than flicking it out.

Just listen to its amazing call …

Let's find out more about this awesome amphibian ...

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Tiger Salamander Facts, Pictures & In-Depth Information. Discover A Widespread American Amphibian

tiger salamander

Tiger salamander facts, photos and in-depth information.

The tiger salamander is a North American amphibian. Despite having distinctive tiger-like yellow / black stripes, and a range that covers most of the United States, the tiger salamander is seldom seen. This is due to the species’ burrowing and nocturnal feeding habits.

Like most amphibians, the tiger salamander lives a ‘double life’. It begins life in the water, breathing with feather-like external gills.

The species then undergoes a transformation known as metamorphosis. During this time the tiger salamander develops lungs which allow it to leave the water and live on land.

Let’s find out more about this colorful amphibian …

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Goliath Frog Facts, Pictures & Information: Meet The Biggest Frog In The World

Meet the biggest frog in the world: goliath frog facts, pictures and information. Found in Central Africa, the goliath frog is facing extinction due to both hunting and habitat loss.

Goliath Frog
Goliath frog in museum. Photo by Ryan Somma (originally posted to Flickr as Goliath Frog) [CC BY-SA 2.0]
Let’s find out more about this ferocious amphibian …

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Hellbender Facts, Pictures & In-Depth Information: Discover An Endangered North American Amphibian

Ozark hellbender

Hellbender facts, pictures and in-depth information. Reaching almost two and a half feet in length, the hellbender is the largest amphibian found in North America. This slimy-skinned giant may look like a monster, but in fact is harmless to humans and a vital part of the river ecosystem. The Ozark subspecies has been listed as endangered under the Endangered Species Act in the USA since 2011.

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Rabb’s Fringe-Limbed Treefrog Facts, Pictures & Information For Kids & Adults

Rabb's fringe-limbed treefrog was a large flying frog found in Panama. The species was discovered in 2005. Sadly, Rabb's fringe-limbed treefrog is now believed to be extinct. The species was last reported in the wild in 2007.

Rabb's fringe-limbed treefrog was an amazing species in a number of ways: it was able to change its colour; it could glide; and perhaps most remarkable of all, its tadpoles gained nourishment by feeding on their father's skin – an adaptation not seen in any other frog species!

On this page you can find out about Rabb's fringe-limbed treefrog, and also discover what led to its (probable) extinction …

Rabb's fringe-limbed treefrog
Ecnomiohyla rabborum. Photo by Brian Gratwicke from DC, USA [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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