wild yak facts

Wild Yak Facts For Kids & Adults. Discover An Amazing Tundra Animal!

Wild yak facts for kids and adults, with pictures and video. The wild yak is a bovid – a member of the cattle family, Bovidae. It lives on the Tibetan Plateau, a region sometimes called the ‘roof of the world’, due to its being over 3 miles (4.8 km) above sea level.

This tundra animal is a cold weather, high-altitude specialist, and has a number of adaptations for living in this hostile environment. Let’s find out more about this amazing survival expert… Continue reading

thorny devil facts

Thorny Devil Facts, Pictures, Information & Video For Kids And Adults

Thorny devil facts, pictures and information for kids and adults. Despite its fearsome appearance, Australia’s thorny devil is slow-moving and unaggressive – unless you’re an ant! This spiny-skinned desert lizard has a number of awesome adaptations for evading predators and living in dry habitats … Continue reading