Are Alligators Dinosaurs? How Crocodilians Are Related To Dinosaurs

Are Alligators Dinosaurs

Are Alligators Dinosaurs?

Alligators are not dinosaurs, but they, along with other crocodilians, are the closest living relatives of those giant prehistoric reptiles. Although alligators are neither dinosaurs nor the descendants of dinosaurs, they are more closely-related to dinosaurs (and therefore, modern birds) than they are to other living groups of reptiles, such as snakes and turtles.

To understand why alligators are not dinosaurs, and how the two groups of animals are related, we need to go back millions of years in the reptile family tree to the Mesozoic Era…

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Deserts Of The World List: 20 Famous Deserts, With Facts, Pictures & Information

Deserts Of The World

Famous deserts of the world include the Sahara and Namib deserts of Africa; the Arabian, Gobi, and Thar deserts of Asia; the Great Sandy and Great Victoria deserts of Australia; the Atacama and Patagonian deserts of South America; and the Mojave and Chihuahuan deserts of North America. Due to its extreme aridity, Antarctica can also be described as a desert.

On this page you’ll find interesting facts on these and many other famous deserts…

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Sand Cat Facts, Pictures, Information. Discover A Desert-Living Cat Species

Sand Cat

The sand cat, Felis margarita, is the only wild cat that lives primarily in desert habitats. It is found in arid regions with with sparse vegetation in North Africa, the Middle East and parts of Central Asia. Slightly smaller than a domestic cat, the sand cat has several adaptations for living in the desert, including furry paws, large ears and a thick, sand-colored coat.

Sand cats are opportunistic feeders and hunt a variety of prey animals, including venomous vipers.

Read on for the complete lowdown on this remarkable felid…

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Halloween Animals List: Scary Animals Pictures & Facts With FREE Printable Quiz

scary animals list

A list of scary animals for Halloween.

To celebrate Halloween we’ve made a list of some of the world’s scariest animals. Continue reading… if you dare!

Free Printable Halloween Animals Quiz To Download

Halloween Animal Quiz
FREE Halloween Animals Quiz: Click Image To Download

Test your knowledge of dangerous, creepy and scary animals with this FREE quiz!

Click here or on the image above to download your copy. All of the answers can be found on this page!

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Gallimimus Dinosaur Facts, Pictures, In-Depth Information

Gallimimus Facts

What Is Gallimimus?

Gallimimus was a mid-sized theropod dinosaur that lived in what is now Mongolia during the late Cretaceous. It is the best-known and largest of the ornithomimids (“bird-mimics”), a family of dinosaurs named for their resemblance to living birds such as ostriches. With a slender, lightweight body and powerful legs, Gallimimus was built for speed and is one of the fastest-known dinosaurs.

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Endangered Elephants: Facts, Threats And Conservation

Endangered Elephants

All three living elephant species are threatened; both the African bush elephant and the Asian elephant are endangered, while the African forest elephant is critically endangered. The populations of endangered elephants in both Africa and Asia are decreasing and becoming ever-more fragmented.

On this page, we cover all three endangered elephants and the threats they currently face.

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Tales From The Brink: Short Stories About Endangered Animals

Tales From The Brink Book Active Wild

Tales From The Brink: Endangered Animal Stories is a collection of exciting stories about endangered animals.

  • Venture into the swaying green rainforest canopy with orangutans.
  • Prowl through dense jungle in a night-time hunt alongside two fearsome Bengal tigers
  • Explore a remote African forest with Mountain Gorillas.
  • Swim in the cool, dark waters of the Florida coast with leatherback sea turtles.
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