Tapanuli Orangutan Facts, Pictures & Information For Kids, Students & Adults

Tapanuli Orangutan, Batang Toru Forest Complex, North Tapanuli District, North Sumatra, Indonesia. Photo by Tim Laman. Published under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

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aye aye facts

Aye-Aye Facts, Pictures, Video & Information: Discover A Weird Rainforest Animal!

Aye-aye facts, pictures, video and information. The aye-aye just might be one of the weirdest animals you’ve ever seen! It prowls the rainforests of Madagascar under cover of darkness. As it moves through the trees it taps on tree trunks with its elongated, bone-like middle finger. By listening to the sound produced by the tapping, it can tell if there’s a grub (its favorite food) present under the bark!

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