Different Types Of Birds: List With Pictures & Interesting Facts

types of birds

A complete guide to the different types of birds, with pictures and facts.

This page is for everyone interested in knowing a bit more about birds – from budding ornithologists, to those who just want to discover more about bird life from all around the world.

Scroll down for an alphabetical list of many different types of birds from all around the world. You can click on any of the photos in the index section to find out more about a particular type of bird.

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Is A Beetle An Insect – And Why? Beetle Characteristics

Is a beetle an insect

Is A Beetle An Insect?

A beetle is an insect. Beetles make up the order Coleoptera, the largest insect group; there are more beetles than any other type of insect. Around 40% of all insects are beetles, and one in four of all known animals is a beetle.

On this page we take a look at what makes a beetle a beetle, find out the characteristics of beetles, and discover some of the many different types of beetles…

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Mesozoic Era Animals List: Amazing Animals That Lived In The Mesozoic Era

Mesozoic Era Animals List

Mesozoic Era Animals

Examples of Mesozoic Era animals include dinosaurs, pterosaurs, ammonites, sharks, plesiosaurs, ichthyosaurs, mosasaurs, pseudosuchians, insects, and early mammals. Although dinosaurs were the dominant land animals of the Mesozoic Era, many other important animal groups evolved and thrived during this time.

On this page is a list of Mesozoic Era animals with pictures, facts, and links to further information…

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