Jungle Animals List With Pictures & Facts: Amazing Animals That Live In Jungles All Around The World!

Jungle Animals

Jungle animals include predators such as tigers, Asian wild dogs and reticulated pythons; herbivores such as forest antelopes, Sumatran rhinos and tapirs; birds such as hornbills, macaws and toucans; and aquatic animals such as piranhas, green anacondas and crocodiles.

Some of the best-known animals that live in jungles are primates. The dense forests are home to many monkey and ape species, including our closest relatives in the animal kingdom: bonobos, chimpanzees and gorillas.

On this page is a huge list of amazing jungle animals, with pictures, facts and links to further information.

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What Is The Best British Bird Book? Recommended Books For Birders In The UK

Best British Bird Books

When it comes to good quality British bird books, the aspiring birdwatcher is spoilt for choice; a number of excellent publications are available, any of which would be suitable for a birder in any stage of his or her career.

On this page we take a look at some of the best British bird books, and offer our suggestions as to which one we’d chose to put in our backpack the next time we go birding…

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Geologic Time Scale With Facts And Examples: What Is It & What Is It Used For?

Geologic Time Scale

Scientists often use terms such as “Mesozoic Era” and “Jurassic Period” when referring to certain times in Earth’s history.

Both the Mesozoic Era and the Jurassic Period are stages in the geologic time scale.

The geologic time scale links particular times in Earth’s history with the layers of rock in the Earth’s crust that were formed during those times.

For example, the Jurassic Period is the name given to the time in which a certain layer of rock in the Jura Mountains of Europe was being formed.

On this page you’ll find a complete explanation of the geologic time scale, including what it is, who uses it, and why it’s important…

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Pterosaur Facts – Amazing Flying Reptiles That Lived With Dinosaurs

Pterosaur facts, pictures and in-depth information.

Flying above the heads of the dinosaurs were another group of distinctive Mesozoic Era animals – the pterosaurs. These amazing prehistoric winged reptiles were the first vertebrates to fly.

On this page you’ll become a pterosaur expert as you find out about pterosaur evolution, the different types of pterosaur, and much more…

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