Are Insects Animals? And If So… Why?

Are Insects Animals

Are Insects Animals?

Insects are animals. Like all animals, insects are multicellular organisms that respire using oxygen, reproduce sexually, eat and move. Insects belong to the animal class Insecta, which, with around one million living species, is by far the biggest class within the animal kingdom. Insects make up at least two-thirds–and likely a much larger proportion–of all known living animal species.

On this page you’ll find a simple, fact-filled guide to insects and why they are considered to be animals…

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Types Of Penguins With Pictures And Facts: Every Penguin Species Listed

Penguin Species List

Information, pictures and facts on every living penguin species.

Types of Penguins

Well-known types of penguin include the emperor penguin (the world’s largest penguin) and its close cousin the king penguin; the macaroni penguin (the world’s most common penguin); the chinstrap penguin (the most common penguin species in Antarctica); the little penguin (the smallest penguin); the African penguin (a species found on the coasts of Southern Africa); and the Galápagos penguin, which is found further north than any other type of penguin.

On this page is a list of all living penguin species, with pictures and facts on each. Test your penguin knowledge with a FREE printable penguin worksheet!

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Is A Turtle A Reptile? Why Are Turtles Reptiles? Pictures & Facts

Is a turtle a reptile

Is A Turtle A Reptile?

A turtle is a reptile. Turtles belong to the order Testudines, which is one of four groups of living reptiles. Turtles possess the typical characteristics of reptiles, being cold-blooded, egg-laying, scaly-skinned vertebrate animals that breathe air with lungs.

Bog Turtle
This bog turtle, like all other turtles (including tortoises and terrains), is a reptile.

The answer to the question “Is a turtle a reptile?” is “yes”, but in order to fully understand why turtles are reptiles – and the differences between turtles and other reptiles – we need to explore the reptile family tree…

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Types Of Sharks: Shark Species List With Pictures & Facts

Shark Great White

Types Of Sharks

There are 537 shark species, divided between 8 orders. Famous types of sharks include requiem sharks such as the tiger shark and blue shark; mackerel sharks such as the great white shark and shortfin mako shark; carpet sharks such as the whale shark; ground sharks such as the great hammerhead, and smaller groups such as angel sharks, catsharks and dogfish.

Types Of Sharks
A small selection of the sharks included in the list below.

You can use the index below to find pictures and information on famous shark species from all around the world.

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Are Alligators Dinosaurs? How Crocodilians Are Related To Dinosaurs

Are Alligators Dinosaurs

Are Alligators Dinosaurs?

Alligators are not dinosaurs, but they, along with the other crocodilians, are the closest living relatives of dinosaurs (apart from birds, which are dinosaurs). Although alligators are neither dinosaurs, nor the descendants of dinosaurs, they are more closely-related to dinosaurs (and therefore birds) than they are to other living groups of reptiles, such as snakes and turtles.

To understand why alligators are not dinosaurs, and how the two groups of animals are related, we need to go back millions of years in the reptile family tree to the Mesozoic Era…

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Deserts Of The World List: 20 Famous Deserts, With Facts, Pictures & Information

Deserts Of The World

Famous deserts of the world include the Sahara and Namib deserts of Africa; the Arabian, Gobi, and Thar deserts of Asia; the Great Sandy and Great Victoria deserts of Australia; the Atacama and Patagonian deserts of South America; and the Mojave and Chihuahuan deserts of North America. Due to its extreme aridity, Antarctica can also be described as a desert.

On this page you’ll find interesting facts on these and many other famous deserts…

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