Whale Gifts – A Selection Of Gifts For Whale Lovers

Whale gifts

Whales capture the imagination like no other group of animals. Although their lifestyles are completely different to ours, whales, like us, are mammals, and we therefore share an evolutionary link with these intelligent ocean-dwellers.

On this page you’ll find a hand-picked selection of awesome gift ideas for whale lovers.

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Sperm Whale Facts – Meet The World’s Largest Toothed Predator

Sperm Whale

The sperm whale is the world’s largest toothed predator, and one of the deepest-diving, hunting giant squid at depths of over 2 km / 1.24 miles below the surface.

Moby Dick, the fearsome “white whale” in Herman Melville’s book of the same name, was based on a sperm whale. Melville’s story was partly based on a real incident in which a whaling ship was sunk after having been attacked by a sperm whale.

On this page you’ll find a complete guide to this formidable marine mammal…

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Types Of Dolphins: List Of All Dolphin Species, Pictures & Facts

Types Of Dolphins

A complete list of dolphin species with pictures and interesting facts. Discover the many different types of dolphins that are alive today.

Dolphins are marine mammals belonging to the infraorder Cetacea, which is also home to whales and porpoises. Known for their high intelligence and acrobatic displays, dolphins are among the most familiar and best-loved members of the animal kingdom.

On this page is a list of all living dolphin species, with pictures and interesting facts on each. The list contains every species in the oceanic dolphin family Delphinidae, and all of the river dolphins, which are found in freshwater habitats.

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