What Is A Solar Eclipse? Complete Guide With Amazing Eclipse Facts

Solar Eclipse Facts Title Image

What is a solar eclipse? On this page, you’ll discover what causes a solar eclipse, how often solar eclipses occur, and the different types of solar eclipse.

You’ll also find out about umbras, coronas, Bailey’s beads, the difference between partial and total eclipses, paths of totality, annular eclipses, and more.

Get the complete lowdown on solar eclipses in preparation for the total eclipse that will be seen in many parts of North America on Monday, April 8, 2024!

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When Did Humans First Appear On Earth?

when did humans first appear

Humans first appeared on Earth at least 315,000 years ago. This figure is based on fossil remains found in Jebel Irhoud, Morocco – the earliest-known remains of modern humans.

The exact time humans first appeared is difficult to judge because species don’t come into being overnight. Rather, they change and evolve slowly from ancestral species.

Because the first human remains date back to around 315,000 years ago, our species will therefore have appeared some time before this. DNA evidence from human chromosomes indicates that humans (scientific name: Homo sapiens) may have first appeared more than half a million years ago.

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What Is Biology About & Why Biology Is Important

What Is Biology About

What Is Biology About?

Biology is the study of biota – living things. This includes humans, animals, plants, bacteria and viruses, together with their constituent parts (cells, organs, etc.). Biology also includes the study of the non-living components of living things, such as DNA, proteins and carbohydrates.

Like all science, biology is driven by curiosity. Biologists explore questions like:

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Animal Classification: How Scientists Make Sense Of The Animal Kingdom By Naming And Grouping Species.

Animal Classification

Animal classification facts and information for kids and students: how we make sense of the animal kingdom by naming and grouping species. Discover the 8 levels of animal classification.


A free printable worksheet is available for this page. Click here or on the image below to download. Answers can be found on our worksheets page.

Animal Classification Worksheet
Free printable animal classification worksheet. Click image to download.

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