How Many Ants Are In The World? Around 20 Quadrillion

how many ants are in the world

Have you ever looked at the seething mass of life that is a typical ant nest and wondered how many ants live there?

Depending on the species, the answer could be in the millions.

Knowing that such a large number of ants are capable of living in just one colony, you might then be tempted to ask “how many ants are there in the world?”.

A team of scientists from Germany’s University of Würzburg has recently attempted to answer that very question…

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Save The North Atlantic Right Whale – Don’t Order Lobster!

North Atlantic Right Whale

How Removing American Lobster From The Menu Might Save A Critically Endangered Whale

The use of lobster nets and pots poses such a serious threat to the survival of the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale that fisheries using these methods have been assigned red ratings by the sustainability guide Seafood Watch.

The population of these whales has declined by 28% over the last decade, and now fewer than 340 individuals remain. Of these, only 80 are breeding females. The two main threats to the species’ survival are entanglement in fishing gear and ship strikes.

By removing American lobster (and other species caught using similar methods) from the menu, businesses can help save the North Atlantic right whale.

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The Immortal Jellyfish – Meet the Animal That Lives Forever

Immortal Jellyfish

Aging affects most living organisms, with death being a universal part of life, but one jellyfish species has found an unusual way of escaping death entirely.

Turritopsis dohrnii, also known as the immortal jellyfish, has been the focus of research carried out at the University of Oveidas in Spain, as scientists mapped the species’ genetic sequence to uncover the origin of its unique ability.

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Endangered Elephants: Facts, Threats And Conservation

Endangered Elephants

All three living elephant species are threatened; both the African bush elephant and the Asian elephant are endangered, while the African forest elephant is critically endangered. The populations of endangered elephants in both Africa and Asia are decreasing and becoming ever-more fragmented.

On this page, we cover all three endangered elephants and the threats they currently face.

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Beluga Whale In The Thames: A Rare Sighting Of An Arctic Marine Mammal In England

beluga whale thames

Beluga Whale in the Thames: An Active Wild report on the recent sighting of a beluga whale in the River Thames, England.

*** Thames Beluga Update ***

The beluga is still present in the River Thames as of Weds 10th October. Experts monitoring its welfare believe it to be healthy. It is hoped that the animal will eventually make its way back to the sea without help.

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