TRAPPIST-1 Facts For Kids & Students: Information On Seven Planets That Could Hold Alien Life!


TRAPPIST-1 facts for kids & students. The discovery of seven new planets could take us one step further towards finding out whether or not we're alone in the universe!

TRAPPIST-1 Facts: Introduction

In early 2017, NASA announced the discovery of seven Earth-sized rocky planets in orbit around a star that – in astronomical terms – isn’t very far away.

The planetary system was found by a robotic telescope, and further discoveries were made by a telescope in outer space.

As if that didn’t already sound too much like science fiction rather than 'science fact', NASA confirmed that three or more of the planets could potentially hold liquid water – one of the key ingredients for life!

On this page, you’ll discover facts about the star known as TRAPPIST-1, and the planets in orbit around it.

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YouTube 360° Video

YouTube 360 Degree Video

Have you seen a YouTube 360° video?

At Active Wild we're always excited to find out about new ways of experiencing wildlife.

Earlier this year, YouTube added a new feature that allowed videos to be made and watched in 360 degrees.

It means that you can look around in every direction while watching a film. You don't have to watch what the camera is pointing at!

It gives you a better feeling of 'being there'!

Read on to find out how to watch YouTube 360° videos, and to view a selection of 360 degree animal videos.

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