Total Eclipse Of The Moon September 2015

In the UK, in the early hours of Monday 28th September, 2015 (i.e. Sunday night) you'll have a chance to see an amazing astronomical event: a total eclipse of the moon!

Viewing times vary in other parts of the world: check your local times!

Because the moon turns red during a total eclipse, the phenomenon has become known as a 'blood moon'!

Viewers here in the UK will be able to see the eclipse shortly after midnight. It lasts until just after 5 am on Monday morning. That means you'll either have to stay up late, or get up early, to watch it!

The total eclipse of the moon can also be seen in other parts of the world, including the rest of Western Europe, North and South America and Northwest Africa.

Be sure to check your local viewing times. In much of the USA, for example, the 'blood moon' will be visible early on Sunday evening.

What's Going To Happen?

Blood Moon
See the 'blood moon' total eclipse of the moon in the early hours of Monday 28th Sept 2015.

In a total lunar eclipse, the Earth passes between the sun and the moon.

Because some of the sun's light still passes through the Earth's atmosphere, you'll still be able to see the moon from Earth.

However, the Earth's atmosphere may cause the moon to be a red or brown colour.

If you were watching from the moon, you would see a black disc (the Earth) pass in front of the sun, covering it up completely. Around the black disc would be a bright ring of light.

Don't Miss It!

Make sure your parents let you stay up to see the lunar eclipse! You won't be able to see another one until the 31st January 2018!