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Are Penguins Birds

Are Penguins Birds?

Are penguins birds is a question that a surprising number of people ask the internet every day. Of course, regular visitors to Active Wild will already know the answer – we’ve talked about penguins here: Penguin Facts, and here: Antarctic Penguins. For everyone else, we’ll provide the answer to the question are penguins birds on this page, and we’ll also provide lots of other penguin information … Continue reading

Is a Frog a Reptile

Is a Frog a Reptile? The Definitive Amphibian Vs Reptile Facts

Is a frog a reptile?

In a nutshell, no; a frog is not a reptile …

A frog is an amphibian!

Which is not the same thing at all!

In this article, we’ll expand on the ‘Is a frog a reptile’ question by explaining the differences between amphibians (like frogs) and reptiles.

So, if you just wanted a quick answer, there you have it: frogs aren’t reptiles. But please do read on: you’ll discover some incredible facts about the differences between amphibians and reptiles. Continue reading

Is a bird an animal

Is a Bird an Animal?

Is a bird an animal? Well, of course you know the answer to this question. But lots of people don’t! In the Ask Professor Wild series, our resident animal expert is on hand to answer all of your nature and science questions – no matter how silly they may be! Continue reading

Great Tit

The First Signs Of Spring

It was only a couple of weeks ago that I was writing about how cold it was.

Well, what a difference a fortnight makes! Although it’s still a bit frosty in the mornings, every day seems to be getting a bit more ‘spring-like’.

It’s not just that the sun is shining. There are other little clues that spring is on its way… Continue reading