What Is The Antarctic Treaty? A Look At One Of The World’s Most Important Scientific Agreements

what is the antarctic treaty

Antarctica is the world’s southernmost continent; an icy, relatively untouched wilderness inhabited mainly by penguins and seals. This remote land is a place of both great natural beauty and scientific importance.

The Antarctic Treaty – an agreement made between many of the world’s most powerful nations – ensures that Antarctica is likely to stay this way for future generations.

On this page we explain what the Antarctic Treaty is, and why it’s so important…

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Emperor Penguin Facts For Kids, Students & Adults

Emperor Penguins

This page contains Emperor Penguin facts for kids and adults. Learn all about the world’s biggest penguin, with information, pictures and video

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Is Antarctica A Desert?

Is Antarctica A Desert

On this page, we’ll find out what a desert actually is, and we’ll answer the question ‘Is Antarctica a desert?’

When most people picture a desert they see a hot and sandy landscape. They might also see one or two palm trees dotted around, and a man dressed in white riding a camel ...

… or maybe we’ve been watching too many films! (In fact, only about 20% of the world’s desert is covered in sand.)

As you’ll know if you’ve read our Antarctica Facts page, Antarctica is the coldest continent on Earth. How could it possibly be a desert? Read on to find out …

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