Types Of Sharks: Shark Species List With Pictures & Facts

Shark Great White

Types Of Sharks

There are 537 shark species, divided between 8 orders. Famous types of sharks include requiem sharks such as the tiger shark and blue shark; mackerel sharks such as the great white shark and shortfin mako shark; carpet sharks such as the whale shark; ground sharks such as the great hammerhead, and smaller groups such as angel sharks, catsharks and dogfish.

Types Of Sharks
A small selection of the sharks included in the list below.

You can use the index below to find pictures and information on famous shark species from all around the world.

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Halloween Animals List: Scary Animals Pictures & Facts With FREE Printable Quiz

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A list of scary animals for Halloween.

To celebrate Halloween we’ve made a list of some of the world’s scariest animals. Continue reading… if you dare!

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Halloween Animal Quiz
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