Hippo Facts: Learn About The Hippopotamus – For Kids & Adults

Hippo Facts For Kids

The hippopotamus one of Africa’s best-known animals. This huge mammal lives a semiaquatic existence, spending most of the day in rivers, lakes and swamps, and only emerging at dusk.

Despite being herbivorous, it is no gentle giant: hippos are notoriously dangerous in the wild.

Sadly, like many of Africa’s large animals, the hippo is threatened by both habitat loss and hunting. Its conservation status is now ‘vulnerable’.

This article contains hippo facts for kids, students and adults, and is part of our African Animals series.

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Emperor Penguin Facts For Kids, Students & Adults

Emperor Penguins

This page contains Emperor Penguin facts for kids and adults. Learn all about the world’s biggest penguin, with information, pictures and video

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