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Welcome to Active Wild's new Animal of the Week section!

Each week we'll be featuring an extra special member of the animal kingdom, and giving it its own page.

We'll take an in-depth look at the selected animal, and present all of the essential information in a clearly presented, easy-to-read article.

Of course, we'll also include the very best pictures, not to mention incredible facts and figures!

See all of the previously featured animals here: Animal Of The Week Archive.

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Lion Animal of the week

The Very First Animal of the Week is ...

Our very first Animal Of The Week is the amazing Emperor Penguin!

This incredible bird is the largest species of penguin. It actually lays its eggs in the freezing Antarctic winter – a time when most other birds have left the continent!

You can read about our very first Animal Of The Week here.

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Emperor Penguins with chicks

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