Predator In The Back Garden

Predation isn't just something that happens on the African plains: it can happen in your own backyard too!

Here is a video that we filmed just outside the house. The sparrowhawk had recently caught the blackbird, and had flown into the tree with its prey.

Sparrowhawk With Blackbird

The sparrowhawk took a long time plucking and eating the blackbird; the whole process took over an hour.

It's not the first time I've watched a sparrowhawk (maybe this very one) dealing with its prey in this tree.

Have You Ever Seen A Pile Of Feathers In Your Garden?

If you have ever found a pile of feathers in your garden, this might be the culprit!

Sparrowhawks are the commonest birds of prey seen in English gardens. If you come across a pile of feathers — and not much else — it's probably all that remains of a sparrowhawk's victim.

While it can be upsetting to experience some aspects of nature, one should always remember that the sparrowhawk itself has a family to feed.

Having a sparrowhawk in your garden is also a sign of a healthy ecosystem.

You might not enjoy watching this video (sorry!), but hopefully you will have learned something about how the sparrowhawk handles its prey.