British Birds Quiz App for Android – Available Now

British Birds ID Quiz is a brand new app from Active Wild. It offers a fast, fun way of learning common British birds for nature lovers young and old...and it's completely free!

British Birds ID Quiz App for Android

Improve your knowledge of British bird species with this free, easy to use picture quiz app. (North American version coming soon!)

British Birds ID Quiz features over 230 bird species, with multiple photos of each.

As you progress through the 5 levels (from 'Beginner' to 'Pro'), you'll be introduced to more and more species until you're confident identifying a wide range of British birds.

Active Wild Bird Quiz App Menu
Choose difficulty and other settings on the menu screen.

The 'Beginner' mode is a great place to start for young and inexperienced birders. It features common and well-known species such as magpies, kingfishers and blackbirds.

British Bird Quiz Easy Species
Become an expert at identifying common birds ...

In the 'Pro' level, you'll be tested on easily-confusable birds, such as those pesky warblers!

… before progressing to less-common species.

The game's database includes resident and migratory species, together with a number of rarities to keep even the most experienced of twitchers on their toes.

British Birds ID Quiz was developed by a keen birder. Partnered with a good field guide, it's a great way of building up a strong knowledge of British birds.

A pro version of the app (British Birds ID Quiz Pro) is also available. As well as being ad-free, it also features a mode in which you can play using the birds' scientific names.

British Birds ID Quiz is completely self-contained and doesn't need to access any online data. In addition, the app does not require any permissions.

Once you can beat the quiz, it's time to find the birds in real life!

Download British Birds ID Quiz and get started!

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