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For those of you who don't already use Pinterest, here's a quick explanation of what it is, and why it's useful for finding and sharing information ...

What Is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media site that allows you to display and share interesting things that you find on the internet.

It's like having your own virtual online pinboard, on which you can 'pin' the things that you've found.

You can also search other people's boards, so it's a great way to discover new things.

Share Your Interests

You're not just limited to one board; you can create a new board for each of your interests. For example, if you're interested in both rainforests and science, then you can create a separate board for each of these subjects.

Then, whenever you come across interesting rainforest or science information, you can 'pin' it to the appropriate board.

You can see our Rainforest Animals board below:

Active Wild Rainforest Pinterest
Active Wild's Rainforest Pinterest Board

Pins & Pinning on Pinterest

On Pinterest, a 'pin' is basically an image from the website that contains the information that you want to share.

When someone clicks on the pin, they get the option of visiting that website for themselves.

Therefore, if someone sees your rainforest pin and wants to find out more, then they can simply click on the pin to visit the website.

How To Make You Own Pin

It's really easy to make a pin. You can either do it from Pinterest or from the website itself. Most websites (including Active Wild) make it very easy to share images.

On Active Wild, all you have to do is click on the Pinterest icon at the top of each page. You'll then get a choice of which picture you want to use as your pin. Click on the picture, select which of your Pinterest boards you want it to appear on, and you're done!

Share Your Interests & Discover New Things

Pinterest makes it very easy to make and share pins, so there's no excuse not to get involved!

What makes Pinterest so useful is the ease in which it allows you to find and share information. Found an article about an interesting rainforest bird? With just a few clicks you've pinned it on your own board. Now anyone who sees your board can find out about the bird – and pin it to their board too!

Active Wild Pinterest Board
This is our current homepage on Pinterest.

You can follow other Pinterest users who share your interests, and if you pin a lot of useful information, you'll also gain your own band of devoted followers!

There is a huge amount of animal and science information on Pinterest, so we thought that it was about time that we got involved!

You can follow us by clicking on the button below:

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We look forward to seeing you on Pinterest! Happy pinning!

The Active Wild team

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