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Find your spirit animal and discover the wonders of the animal kingdom!

What’s your spirit animal? Find out with the ‘My Spirit Animal Quiz’ app–available to download for FREE from the Google Play Store!

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  • Find your spirit animal from a large selection of iconic animals from all around the world
  • Build up a collection of amazing animals
  • Discover interesting facts about each species
  • Share your spirit animal: either on social media or by email
  • Play for freedownload now and get started!

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Are you happiest in the summer or the winter?

Do you eat meat or are you strictly vegetarian?

Are you stealthy, agile, aquatic… highly dangerous?

My Spirit Animal Quiz asks you a series of questions: either on your own personality or on animal characteristics. It then calculates your spirit animal based on your answers.

You can also leave everything to chance and find animals at random!

My Spirit Animal App Screenshots

You don’t have to stop at just one animal; keep going to build up a collection of amazing species. You'll find interesting facts on each spirit animal you find, so you can use the app to build up your animal knowledge. If you don't like an animal you can always delete it from your list.

My Spirit Animal Quiz Android App Screenshots

Share Your Spirit Animal With Friends & Family

Use the sharing button to tell your friends about your spirit animal, and let them know how they can find theirs! You can either share on popular social media apps or via email.

Upgrade Your App

An inexpensive upgrade removes the ads, and also allows you to select from an additional 40 animals. You’ll also be able to read information about all of the animals – even those you’re still to discover!

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How To Use The My Spirit Animal Quiz

My Spirit Animal Quiz asks you a series of questions: either on yourself, or on various animal characteristics (you choose which at the start of each game). It then calculates which animal is the closest match by comparing your answers to information it holds on each animal.

This means that (for example) even if you’re a strict vegetarian, your spirit animal may end up being carnivorous (wolf? tiger? orca?) after all of the other characteristics are compared – so be prepared for some surprises!

Use the slider or the buttons to enter how strongly you feel about the given answers. For example, if you feel your spirit animal is entirely aquatic, move the slider fully over to the aquatic answer of the relevant question. If your ideal animal spends only part of its life in water, keep the slider somewhere in the middle. If you prefer dry, desert landscapes, move the slider to the other extreme!

You can view all of the animals that you’ve found using the ‘View My Animals’ button on the main menu screen. Select an animal from the list to find interesting information about the species. You can also share the animal on social media or via email, or delete it from your list.

You also have the chance to support Active Wild by upgrading. With the upgrade version, you won’t have to wait to find the animal before reading information about it. Upgrading also removes the ads, and you’ll also have an additional 40 animals as potential spirit animals! Play for fun or use the app as a useful and entertaining activity in a classroom setting!

What’s your spirit animal… find out today!
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