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Tales From The Brink & More Tales From The Brink: ‘Amazing Animals – Amazing Stories’

Available in paperback and for Kindle, each ‘Tales From The Brink‘ book contains four stories based on the lives of endangered animals. Learn about the animals as you share their adventures!

Tales From The Brink: Endangered Animal Stories

Endangered Animal Stories Book Cover
Tales From The Brink is available in paperback and on Kindle. Click image to find out more.

Explore the jungle, migrate across oceans, enter frightening forests and outwit hunters; all from the safety of your armchair.

  1. The Heart Of The Forest — A Sumatran Orangutan Story
  2. Search For A Sister — A Leatherback Turtle Story
  3. Kabir The Hero — An Indian Elephant Story
  4. Mother And Son — A Bengal Tiger Story

In ‘The Heart Of The Forest’, Sumatran orangutan Budi leaves his home in search of a new place to live. Do his terrifying premonitions come true?

Search For A Sister’ tells the story of a leatherback turtle’s search for her sister as she migrates thousands of miles. Does she succeed, or is her return to the Florida coast a lonely one?

Kabir The Hero’ is the story of an young Indian elephant. Will he overcome the bully who has been making his life a misery? Just what does he find lurking in the moonlit forest? Will he win the respect of the herd?

In ‘Mother And Son’, the lives of Bengal tigers Shreya and Darpan are changed forever when they encounter strange, talking apes deep in the jungle. Join them as their journey reaches its thrilling conclusion!

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Tales From The Brink: Endangered Animal Stories‘, available now from amazon stores worldwide in paperback and on Kindle.

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More Tales From The Brink: Endangered Animal Stories

Tales From The Brink 2 Book Cover
More Tales From The Brink is available in paperback and on Amazon Kindle. Click the cover image to find out more

Following on from the original Tales From The Brink, More Tales From The Brink contains four more exciting animal stories. Learn about the lives of these incredible creatures as you share in their adventures.

  1. The Mountain Ghost – A Snow Leopard Story
  2. Escape from Lizard Gap – A Mountain Gorilla Story
  3. Lost In The Arctic – A Blue Whale Story
  4. The Rivals – A Giant Panda Story

In ‘The Mountain Ghost‘, Russian shepherd Vasily sees something in the mountains that he hasn’t seen since he was a boy. Was it real, or did he imagine it? And what happens when he gets caught out in the snowstorm?

In ‘Escape From Lizard Gap‘, young mountain gorilla Lutalo has to deal with the new silverback. What happens when he ventures into the terrifying Lizard Gap?

Lost In The Arctic‘ features Arthur, a blue whale, who spends most of his life dreaming. As he migrates to the Arctic, he suddenly wakes to find that he’s lost all contact with the other whales …

In ‘The Rivals‘, two young giant pandas are always fighting over the best bamboo. One day, strange apes are seen in the forest and a friend goes missing. What will the bitter enemies do?

More Tales From The Brink contains beautifully told stories that will entertain and educate.

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Rainforest Workbooks to Download & Print

rainforest worksheets
Rainforest workbooks: 2 titles available. Click image for more information & to view sample pages

Our rainforest workbooks are available as printable pdf downloads. An awesome learning aid for parents and teachers!

Discover the world’s rainforests and the animals that call them home.

Clearly-presented information with colorful pictures. Questions and activities to test your rainforest knowledge!

2 workbooks are available:

  • Find out all about rainforests in What Is A Rainforest?
  • Explore the world’s famous rainforests in Rainforests Of The World.
  • Buy both factsheets together for a special discount!

Find out more (and download FREE samples) here: Active Wild Rainforest Worksheets

A to Z Animals: Animal Picture Book

A to Z Animals Book Cover

A to Z Animals is an animal picture book for pre-school and early years children. Available on Kindle, it is the ideal book for exploring the animal kingdom AND learning the alphabet.

Learn more about this book

Rainforest Animals: Animal Expert Story & Facts Books

Active Wild Rainforest Animals Animal Expert Book Cover
Rainforest Animals: Animal Expert

Available for Amazon’s Kindle readers, Rainforest Animals is the first book in our ‘Animal Expert’ series.

You’re the youngest person ever to work at the famous ‘World Museum of Science and Nature’.

You’ve been asked to go to the Amazon Rainforest to find out about the animals that live there. The museum’s new exhibition will be based on your discoveries.

The exhibition is called: ‘Amazon Rainforest: The Search for a Jaguar’.

Have you got what it takes to be an animal expert? Will you find the jaguar? The museum is counting on you!

Discover the Amazon Rainforest with an exciting mix of story, pictures and animal facts. You choose which part of the rainforest you want to explore next. Will it be poison dart frogs or anacondas today? Learn about amazing animals at every turn. Once you have discovered all of the clues you can begin searching for the reclusive jaguar.

Find out more about Rainforest Animals: The Search For A Jaguar

Rainforest Animals of South America Printable Facts Pack

Rainforest Animals Printable Facts Pack
Rainforest Animals Printable Facts Pack

Containing in-depth information on twenty amazing rainforest animals, our Rainforest Animals Facts Pack is a must for any young rainforest fan.

  • Over 70 pages of awesome animal information.
  • Instant download: be reading within minutes.
  • Can be viewed on any device with PDF capability (this includes nearly all PCs, Macs, tablets, and similar devices).
  • Printable on either A4 or US letter size paper: print the book, make wall charts of individual animals, use for homework, to make quizzes, projects, etc.

Find out more here. (Currently unavailable)

AstroArk: Flight Of The Passenger Pigeon

AstroArk Flight Of The Passenger Pigeon Cover
AstroArk: Flight Of The Passenger Pigeon

Join the crew of the Passenger Pigeon – an experimental ‘AstroArk’ spaceship – on an incredible adventure that takes them deep into the uncharted regions of space. Their mission: to save endangered animal species from extinction.

An exciting space adventure for lovers of both sci-fi and wildlife, AstroArk: The Flight Of The Passenger Pigeon is suitable for readers aged 9 and above.

Find out more about AstroArk: Flight Of The Passenger Pigeon

Awesome Animals – Free Printable Fact Sheets For Active Wild Subscribers

Awesome Animals is a printable PDF eBook that you can download and read right now. It contains in-depth information about 10 of the most amazing animals on the planet.

Awesome Animals is perfect for all animal fans – not to mention teachers and parents – who want an awesome resource packed with animal information.

Awesome Animals eBook Cover
Awesome Animals – Click image to see sample pages

Want to know where snow leopards live? How dolphins find food? How high a kangaroo can jump? It’s all in Awesome Animals, along with much more amazing info!

Awesome Animals contains printable fact sheets on the following animals:

  • Lion
  • Gorilla
  • Dolphin
  • Elephant
  • Blue Whale
  • Kangaroo
  • Giant Panda
  • Snow Leopard
  • Green Anaconda
  • Polar Bear

You can either view Awesome Animals on your computer / mobile device, or print it out to make a book. You can even print out pages to make posters and wall charts!

Find out how to download Awesome Animals here (it’s very easy!)

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