Rainforest Animals Printable Facts Pack

Rainforest Animals Printable Facts Pack

The Active Wild Rainforest Animals of South America Facts Pack is a digital eBook that you can download and read on your computer (or tablet) and print on your printer.

The book contains in-depth information on 20 amazing rainforest animals (see list below).

Download now to improve your knowledge of the rainforest: become an animal expert!

You can download a free sample fact sheet further down the page.

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More Tales From The Brink

More Tales From The Brink Book From Active Wild

‘Four Amazing Animals – Four Amazing Stories’.

Following on from the original Tales From The Brink, More Tales From The Brink contains four new exciting stories featuring endangered animals.

  • Venture into a frozen wilderness with a ghost-like Snow Leopard
  • Swim thousands of miles to the Arctic with a Blue Whale
  • Venture deep into a bamboo forest with Giant Pandas
  • Explore a distant Indian valley with a herd of Indian Elephants

A must-read collection of short stories for animal lovers young and old.

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