Australian Reptiles List With Pictures & Facts: Discover The Amazing Reptiles Of Australia

Australian reptiles list

Australian reptiles list with pictures and facts. This page is part of our reptiles section: Reptiles: The Ultimate Guide.

Australia is home to many amazing reptiles. It may be the smallest continent, but Australia is also the sixth largest country, and has plenty of different habitats to support a wide range of reptilian life.

On this page you’ll meet some of the best-known reptiles of Australia.

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American Reptiles List: Pictures & Facts on Reptiles Found in the USA

American Reptiles List

North American Reptile List with pictures and facts. From the fearsome American crocodile to the slow-moving desert tortoise, North America is home to a wide variety of reptile life.

On this page you’ll find pictures and interesting information on some of the most amazing North American reptiles.

Most of the reptiles below are found in the USA, with some also being found in Canada and Mexico. We’ve included common and less familiar species, giving you an excellent overview of reptilian life in the United States and its neighbors.

Did you know that there’s a lizard that can squirt blood from its eyes and a turtle that uses its tongue as bait to catch fish? Check out the Texas horned lizard and the alligator snapping turtle

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