When Did Dinosaurs Go Extinct?

When Did Dinosaurs Go Extinct

When did dinosaurs go extinct – on this page we’ll find out when dinosaurs became extinct, and we’ll also take a brief look at what may have brought about the end of the reign of the dinosaurs.

We’ll also investigate whether or not some dinosaurs may have survived … and if they’re actually alive today! It’s not as mad as it sounds …

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Apatosaurus Facts For Kids, Students And Adults

Apatosaurus Facts for Kids

Learn all about Apatosaurus, a huge, herbivorous (plant-eating) dinosaur of the Late Jurassic period. This page contains Apatosaurus facts for kids, students and adults, and is part of our Dinosaur Facts series.

On this page you’ll find out just how big Apatosaurus was, what it ate and how it lived. You’ll also find out if Apatosaurus and Brontosaurus were actually the same type of dinosaur!

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Velociraptor Facts For Kids & Adults

Velociraptor Facts For Kids

The velociraptor was a fast-moving and dangerous predator of the Cretaceous Period. It’s one of the best-known dinosaurs, having been made famous by the Jurassic Park films. But just how realistic was the silver-screen portrayal of this small but deadly dinosaur? In this article, entitled Velociraptor Facts for Kids, Students & Adults, we’ll find out …

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