Animals In The Amazon Rainforest

Animals In The Amazon Rainforest

The number of animals in the Amazon Rainforest is huge. It is estimated that the region is home to one tenth of all of the Earth’s species. On this page you’ll find information, pictures and facts about just some of the amazing animals that live in the world’s biggest rainforest.

The Amazon Rainforest is home to many incredible species, including Leafcutter Ants, which eat more vegetation than any other rainforest animals, and mammals such as the fearsome Jaguar, top of the Amazon food chain.

This page contains a list of animals in the Amazon Rainforest, with information about each species.

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Facts About The Amazon Rainforest

Facts About The Amazon Rainforest

This article contains facts about the Amazon Rainforest and is part of Active Wild’s Rainforest Series.

The Amazon Rainforest is the world’s biggest rainforest (you can find out just how big further down the page). It is home to a vast number of animals and plants. Many native tribes also live in the forest, far away from modern life.

The Amazon Rainforest is located in South America, in the region around the Amazon River. Over half of the forest is in Brazil.

In this tropical region, it is hot and humid all year round. In many parts of the Amazon Rainforest it rains nearly every day.

The climate creates ideal conditions for trees and plants to grow. These provide food and shelter for the region’s animals.

Life thrives in the rainforest. One tenth of all of the Earth’s species are found in the Amazon Rainforest. Colourful toucans hop from branch to branch, howler monkeys call from the treetops, and tapirs rummage through the leaves on the forest floor searching for food.

However, the rainforest can also be a dangerous place. Carnivorous plants trap unwary insects, jaguars prowl through the trees, and anacondas glide through the rivers and streams.

Let’s learn more about the Amazon Rainforest…

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