Bighorn Sheep Facts: Discover The Largest Sheep Native To North America

Bighorn Sheep Facts

The bighorn sheep Ovis canadensis is the largest wild sheep native to North America. The species gets its name from the massive, curled horns of the male, which are used to fight other males in order to establish dominance within a herd. The sound of the crashing horns of battling bighorns can be heard from up to a mile away.

This iconic North American mammal is usually found in rugged, rocky terrain. Its specially-adapted hooves allow it to traverse the steep cliffs and make leaps from ledge to ledge with apparent ease.

The bighorn sheep is the state mammal of both Colorado and Nevada, and the provincial mammal of Alberta.

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American Bison Facts, Pictures & Information: Discover The National Mammal of the United States

American bison facts

North America has plenty of famous mammals: the towering moose, the nimble flying squirrel, the blisteringly fast pronghorn–but the most iconic by far is the American bison (scientific name: Bison bison). This huge mammal–the largest North American land animal by weight– is the National Mammal of the United States.

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Olive Baboon Facts, Pictures & In-Depth Information

Olive Baboon Facts

One of five species of baboon, the olive baboon is a species of monkey found in equatorial Africa. It is predominantly a savanna species, living in groups known as troops that typically contain 20 to 60 animals, but which can be significantly larger.

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